Account Management Agreement

Each regulated broker has its own specific rules for its Forex account management agreement, according to the financial rules of each country. You can leave the business at any time and sign the retraction form, but we are sure you won`t sign it as soon as you start getting consistent gains with our account management. This agreement covers the period beginning with [v] and ending in – It is very important to understand that the Forex Account Management Agreement never allows asset managers to finance or withdraw funds from the client`s account. Make sure your investments are fully secured by signing the Foreign Account Management Agreement ( LPOA ). The usual rule for all regulated brokers is that the client authorizes asset managers to trade the client`s account on his behalf and allows the broker to pay a monthly percentage of fees calculated on the profits of last month`s high-water brand as the client`s account made a profit. Asset managers will not receive fees in the event of a month lost to the client`s account and will not be able to refund and re-pay fees until the last losses are fully recovered. The LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney is a 3-party agreement between the investor, asset managers and broker who control, design and execute what is written and signed in the document. This 3-part form (broker, forex investment company, you) only let us trade your account. This is the only transaction we can transfer to your name. We cannot make any other arrangements such as deposits, withdrawals, etc. Only you will be able to make these kinds of transactions. International anti-money laundering laws only allow the client to make any financing and payment into his broker`s account, and it can only be accepted if the holder of the brokerage account and the holder of the bank account are exactly the same. Recipients must have a mobile phone as part of the sale transaction.

Sales Rep receives an allowance of $50 per month for mobile phone use. Gross earnings – Turnover – (salary – cost of heavy labour) for a specified number of hours billed, usually a one-month value. In this case, commissions for Account Manager A are calculated as follows. The calculation is based on the following data from working time tables and invoices. Our professional asset management company meets all requirements to collaborate with the best regulated brokers such as IC Markets, Vantagefx, Synergyfx, etc. The fee is refunded within 30 days of submitting receipts and a completed refund form. The work time calculation sheets for various projects and consultants are as follows: the beneficiary receives a credit for the debtor`s gross margin when invoices are issued to the debtor. [xi] The recipient receives a credit for each designated client that has been assigned to the recipient. Clients assigned to the recipient include new clients hired by the recipient, as well as all clients who are transferred to the recipient. Customer Consultant Hrs Cost Bill Rate Revenue GP Acct Bishop 5.5% Quota falls to the first level of calculation and gives a commission rate of 20%. The client`s maintenance fee is reimbursed as follows: Bill Rate – This is the rate a client charges for a particular advisor. This can be different through consultants.

The same advisor can also be made available to different clients at different billing rates.