Good Friday Agreement No Border

This Article in the Times „Norway is not a good example“ in border control“ (18 November 17) quotes Ann Linde (Swedish Minister of EU and Trade) – „Swedish companies [have found], it is easier to land on the Moon than trade with Norway; The border between Sweden and Norway is „as good as possible,“ but companies have even more difficulty trading with Norway than with Russia and China and „you have to go through the whole customs administration. There`s so much bureaucracy. It takes about four minutes for each truck to travel between Sweden and Norway. 10 What the Irish border problem of Brexit shows is that the post-1998 cross-border agreements and the whole Irish border regime, although they have made significant and significant political improvements, have remained extremely vulnerable in two cases. First, they are totally dependent on stable Anglo-Irish relations and the fluctuating policies and priorities of Dublin and London. The second major weakness of the GFA regime was the model of consoing the new institutions in Northern Ireland, which set it up and which did not create the conditions for a transformation of community identities and relations between the province`s communities. 14 Therefore, the GFA, as a common and reciprocal redefinition of British and Irish public sovereignty over Northern Ireland, was a remarkably incomplete and unfinished constitutional process. The withdrawal of the United Kingdom and its border problem in Ireland show that the 1998 agreement did not go far enough to provide for an explicit, indisputable and constitutional (new) definition of the Dublin and London obligations as the sovereign guarantee of the agreement. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has informed the Irish parliament that the UK and Ireland must respect the Good Friday agreement and respect their commitment not to have a hard border. At the end of October 2018, the National Court of Auditors warned that it was already too late to prepare the necessary Irish border controls in the event of a Non-Deal Brexit in March 2019, a weakness that would be quickly exploited by organised crime. [57] In the end, according to the author, the nature of the border is a political frontier.