Scheduling Agreement With External Service Agent

If you select logistics —> distribution —> invoice —> invoice —> billing documents, you will receive a list of billing documents for a given period by the payer or payer/material. After listing the billing documents, select to edit —> recount. All of the claims mentioned are then evaluated with the new price and, if there are any differences, included in a subsequent billing list. In the component outsourcing industry, there are generally rules on how and how much material should be packaged. To enter such a proposal, go to the preview screen of the delivery plans. In the Rounding Quantity field, enter the amount of the item to be packed. Then select Edit –> packaging proposal to reach the packaging screen. For more information on the packaging, check out the shipping package. The functions described in it can also be used in the delivery plan. To compare different generations of delivery plans, select Edit –> scan on the Delivery Calendar screen in Edit or view the delivery plan. You reach the scan screen where the left side shows all generations of delivery planners and the right side all generations of JIT delivery planners that start with the delivery plan at the top. How you proceed from this point depends on whether or not you manually enter delivery plans with calendar lines.

The graph below shows how different types of documents are used when processing external agents. For shipping, deliveries are made from the component supplier delivery plan based on the delivery plan or JIT delivery plan. The corresponding design change statuses are copied into the delivery plans when they are maintained there. Delivery units (for packaging purposes) are also created automatically taking into account the quantity delivered and the delivery plan instructions. To establish a delivery plan with delivery plans, make it as follows: If you create an external agent deposit release in reference to an external agent delivery plan, the price date will be redefined (depending on the parameters of the customizing, this may be the current date or delivery date), and new prices will be applied for that price date. This ensures that the prices you work with are valid at the time the goods are issued.