Temporary Accommodation Tenancy Agreement

The city council sets the rent if your temporary accommodation is in council accommodation. They will be offered accommodation available that day. If you have a child and are in a key phase of your education, the search for a property near your school is taken into account. If you receive a negative decision, accommodation is only available for up to 28 days. You have to make your own agreement to find another accommodation for you. Once the Council has found you as a permanent home, you are no longer allowed to stay in temporary accommodation. Most people who live in temporary Council housing have limited rights. Temporary accommodation is not a permanent home and we will not find you a permanent home if you have been accepted into our housing system after November 2012. You`re expected to find your own permanent home. Here are the current temporary rents for Enfield: You may be evicted from temporary accommodation for one of the following reasons: Find out about your rights if you live in temporary accommodation organized by the Council for applying for homelessness.

Learn more about temporary housing. Not while you`re in temporary accommodation. You have to wait before you get regular accommodation. Even then, this will only be possible if you have a secure lease, an introductory lease or a housing company. You can choose to move out of your temporary accommodation, but if you do, it is likely that you: If you have problems in temporary accommodation for any reason, contact an advisor. Don`t wait for things to go really wrong. If you become homeless again, it will be more difficult to get help from the Council in the future. If you are staying in temporary accommodation, you will probably be a common law tenant or, if you stay for more than six months, a short Scottish security tenant. If a private landlord makes your home available, you can be a short and insured tenant. Temporary housing is temporary housing for residents who have applied for homelessness with Lewisham Council.

If you meet the Council`s application criteria, it is likely that you will be accommodated in temporary accommodation for hostels, while your application for homelessness will be reviewed by Council and then transferred as a next step to private sector rental housing. If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, you can contact the Council to help you find a place to live. Before deciding what kind of assistance you offer, the Council should consider your situation. It will offer you accommodation (so-called temporary accommodation) while they do so if: you have no choice where you live if you are staying in temporary accommodation. In most cases, households remain in emergency shelters until they find their own homes. Only households that were granted a full obligation for the homeless before November 2012 can benefit from a consulting or housing company.