Victoria Police Force Enterprise Agreement 2011

A senior sergeant supervises sergeants and traditionally performs more administrative and middle management tasks, for example. B coordination of police operations or other special operations than active patrol missions. Senior sergeants are traditionally responsible for most police stations or may be an underload (or second manager) of larger police stations (normally 24 hours a day). In each department or group of night shifts, a master sergeant is the division head for one position and is responsible for managing and monitoring incidents in their field. Detective sergeants are usually the officer in charge of investigative units. In June 2013, the Navy`s new dark uniform was introduced to all officers as a new normal. The pants are made of rip-stop fabric, the underwear in stretch cotton, which can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and to wear under the ballistic vest. Baseball caps have been preserved, although they are darker in color than before 2013. The new dark uniform has been designed to look more professional and hide blood, dirt and sweat. The dark blue uniform was inspired by the Oxfordshire and Northumberland Police Force. [45] In September 2017, the Transport Accident Board (TAC) informed Victoria Police of „anomalies“ in preliminary breath test statistics.

Tac and victoria Police analyzed more than 17.1m of tests from February 2012 and found that 258,463, or less than 1.5% of the tests, were probably false. [42] As a result, in mid-2018, TAC froze $4 million for Victoria Police operations. Victoria Police also opened an internal investigation into the case, notified IBAC and appointed former Chief Superintendent Neil Comrie to investigate the causes. [43] A preliminary report suggested that unrealistic management requirements of 50 to 100 breath tests per shift were a possible cause of test falsification. The method used by the police was to place a finger above the straw inlet hole of the breath test machines or to blow itself into the straw. [43] The proposed agreement also includes a centralized service planning system that allows Victoria Police to know where each official is based in the state and maximize their ability to call the police if necessary. It was the first time police had taken industrial action since 2011, when the union was involved in a fierce feud with the Baillieu government of the day over wages and conditions. Victoria Police service clothing consists of navy blue cargo pants/tactical trousers, navy blue underwear with long/short sleeves or shirt, integrated surgical equipment vest (IOEV), navy blue baseball cap or wide hair hat (usually in rural areas) and black boots. When members of the police or protection officers are assigned to tasks for which they need to be easily identified or for reasons of safety at work, a clearly visible yellow blanket may be found on the IOEV. In 2018, a new style of ballistic vest was announced. [70] Promotion to the rank of sergeant is based on an application and interview procedure after the provision of a vacancy due to the transfer or retirement of an already existing sergeant. Senior constables must first successfully pass the Pre-Promotion Sergeant Qualifying Examination.

A sergeant normally leads a team during a shift, such as Patrol Supervisor of a Police Service Area (PSA) for a layer….